You’ve probably been accustomed to dyeing Easter eggs with water, food coloring and vinegar. There are a few other ways that work, such as using Kool-Aid in the water, painting the eggs or letting them sit in a colored wrapper in a hot pot of water.


Another idea is to use uncooked rice that has been colored. Decide on the colors that you want for your eggs. Put enough uncooked rice in a bowl to cover the eggs. Add a few drops of food coloring to the rice to get the desired shade.


Place the eggs in the rice, covering them so that they will have color all over. Shake the bowl of rice a bit so that you get a few different designs. This is a method of dyeing eggs that makes less of a mess than using water and vinegar, and you don’t have the smell from the vinegar, either.


Make sure you add the food coloring instead of children, but children can easily roll the eggs in the rice on their own. Try combining two different colors together to experiment with the designs that you get before putting the eggs on a plate of green grass to enjoy for the holiday.