People are starting to take offense at symbols with historic significance. That is what the actor Chris Pratt got for a shirt he has. That shirt was the “Don’t Tread On Me” design with an American flag background.

The Gadsden flag has people considering it as controversial. The flag is from the Revolutionary War. The design came from Brigadier General using the snake which was the symbol of the colonies. He was a member of the Continental Marine Commission. He was from South Carolina. This flag was one of the motto flags of the Continental Marines. The first Marines took the flag on marches. These men were from Philadelphia. This shows it was representative of all the colonies. The people who wear the flag think of this when they are supporting their beliefs. That is why many will wear it without knowing why someone can find it offensive. The Navy still allows the flag for historic reasons.

Chris Pratt became famous on Parks and Recreation playing the character Andy Dwyer. He won a Critic’s Choice award for his portrayal. The actor went on to star in Guardians of the Galaxy as Star Lord. That movie is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was the male lead in the new Jurassic Park movies. He was able to get many starring roles from these. This is a long way from being the weed smoking homeless guy he was in Hawaii.

He grew up in Minnesota. People know him for his independent political views. Wearing the shirt that has the Gadsden flag snake over the American flag is not unusual. There is a quote from him saying neither major political party represents his views. He is a devout Christian who is willing to support the side he sees as the best. He sent a donation to the Obama campaign 2012, but people know his liberty stances.

The people finding offense at the shirt Pratt wore are claiming this is a racist symbol. They are stopping following him claiming only alt-right wear it. They do not understand that many wear it remembering the men who fought to create the nation. That includes the black men who were Continental Marines. The reason they may not understand this is because the TEA Party uses it as their symbol. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states some circumstances can be racial harassment. Most people do not use it like that. The people who got angry with Pratt over wearing the symbol did not ask him why he wore it. No statement came out from Pratt on the controversy. The people who fought over it were those who fight along conservative and liberal lines. Pratt himself makes conservative statements on some subjects. He does not state is affiliations.