The incredible James Brolin, who has been honored with both Golden Globe and Emmy awards for his work as an actor, continues to radiate vitality at the ripe age of 82. Recently he divulged what it is that keeps him not only looking but feeling so great – let’s learn from this Hollywood icon!

During a dinner party at his friend’s house, Brolin was feeling less than confident about himself. Yet that evening changed when big wave surfer Laird Hamilton invited him to join in an exercise routine the next morning – and that is how it all began for Brolin’s journey into fitness. “Laird said, ‘Why don’t you come on up to the pool and work out with us on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday?’ ” he said. “So I went, ‘Yeah, okay, great.’”

Despite having the opportunity to make a change, he just wasn’t ready yet. However, Laird’s offer was still available and after days of contemplation he made up his mind that it was time for something new in his life. With determination and eagerness, Aaron decided “I’m going up there” and took Laird on his proposal.

On that fateful day, Hamilton demonstrated to him how one could weight train underwater. While it wasn’t immediate love at first sight, the admiration was definitely there from then on out! “His deal is, ‘Oh, do you want to breathe?’” Brolin said. “You have to get to the top.’ I said, ‘But I got the weights. I can’t.’ He said, ‘Yeah, no, you have to take the weights with you.’ ”

Visualize the resistance of dumbbells dragging you down, yet using your vigor to reach up above. It may sound arduous, but since he grasped it properly, working out in water completely transformed Brolin’s fitness routine. “I became a regular and it changed my life working out with weights under water,’” he stated.

“Once you get used to 10 lbs., then we move you to 15 lbs.,” Brolin said. “Then we move you to 20 lbs. and it’s a jumping exercise to start. Then next, they’ve got you swimming the length of the pool with a weight.”

Immediately after a few days of exercise, Brolin began to witness visible and tangible results in his body. “I started to change,” he said. “Everything started to change. I just started to look better. Body, face, eyes, thinking and therefore proving the old, boring thing that exercise really works.”

For an extra dose of invigorating endorphins, Brolin likes to relax in his sauna post-workout. “All the toxins come to the surface and are gone,” he stated.

Even more critical than merely exercising, Brolin adjusted his diet to maximize results. A Mediterranean salad with cheese has become one of his go-to meals; it’s delicious and nutritious!

Are you looking for a new way to get fit? Have you tried working out with aqua weights underwater? If not, it may be the perfect exercise routine for you. What’s your favorite type of workout and why?