Violent crime in Atlanta, Georgia has been on the rise since President Trump’s term of office concluded. Despite efforts to fight this alarming trend by Democratic leaders, mitigation programs have unfortunately not had any notable impact. In an affluent Atlanta suburb that aspires to one day break away from the Democratic South, a 77-year-old grandmother was brutally stabbed outside her $800,000 residence. This tragic story demonstrates the need for safety and security in cities across America.

Ellen Bowles, a 77-year-old beloved grandmother in the affluent Buckhead neighborhood, was tragically murdered while attempting to protect her home and valuables from 23-year-old Antonio Brown. Reports suggest that Mrs. Bowles likely stumbled upon him as he made an attempt to steal her Lexus by driving it out of the garage.

It wasn’t until the grandmother’s son returned from his holidays that anyone realized she had been violently murdered. When he arrived, he discovered her lifeless body in the garage with a knife deep within it and quickly called for help to identify who committed such an atrocity.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens just announced that the suspect, Antonio Brown, has been apprehended and taken into custody in connection with Bowles’ murder. He is currently being interrogated by law enforcement to determine if he was involved in her stabbing.

The police have finally obtained a picture of the individual whom they believe murdered Ellen Bowles. This suspect has been identified as Brown since he was observed entering her Lexus SUV and taking off from the murder scene.

Despite the Buckhead residential district’s discourse about wanting to abandon Atlanta due to its skyrocketing crime rate, they were unable to act fast enough to save 77-year-old Ellen Bowles. Tragically, she was slain in her own home after police assume she happened upon a carjacker attempting thievery of her luxury SUV.

Last week, a helpful Buckhead local came forward to the police with information linking Brown to the stabbing. The stolen SUV that had been driven through several Atlanta neighborhoods was fortunately located in DeKalb County which is close by. Thanks to this crucial lead and the hard work of law enforcement officers, Brown was successfully tracked down and apprehended.

Deputy Police Chief Charles Hampton Jr. confirmed that Brown had gained entry to Bowles’ gated community by foot, yet could not provide an explanation as to how he bypassed security. It is possible that Brown enlisted the assistance of a partner in order for him to carry out his burglary and theft from the luxury gated property.

Upon arriving home for the holidays on Saturday, Michael Bowles was confronted with a gruesome sight: his mother murdered in her garage. Police investigations indicate that this heinous crime took place between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm of that same day. Christmas may have been just around the corner but there would be no celebration or gift-giving for this family; only sorrow and mourning.

Her son stated, “I am committed to getting the word out about this outrageous tragedy. And I want everyone to understand that none of us is safe. I hope that people read this story and understand this, and then maybe we can all collectively effectuate some change. I will carry that message with me forever, for mom.”