In a surprising move that has left many scratching their heads, Max, the streaming service owned and operated by Warner Bros. Discovery, recently added CNN to its catalog and promptly witnessed a mass exodus of 700,000 subscribers. This decision is just one in a series of questionable moves made by executives at some of the world’s largest streaming platforms.

The addition of CNN to the Max streaming service took place on September 27th, just three days before the end of the quarter. However, instead of boosting their subscriber count, Max announced a staggering loss of 700,000 paying subscribers in that very same period.

One can’t help but wonder what Warner Bros. Discovery was hoping to achieve by adding CNN to their roster. CNN, often criticized for its perceived bias and sensationalist reporting, has found itself under fire from the right-wing in America while receiving lukewarm support from the Left, who claim that the network is too neutral.

One of the reasons that CNN may have failed to retain its audience is its penchant for over-the-top and dramatic reporting. For instance, The American Tribune highlighted the network’s absurd reaction to reports that Donald Trump was polling well against Joe Biden. It’s bewildering that Max would prioritize this kind of content over the high-quality shows that made HBO a household name.

In contrast, Paramount Studios and Paramount Plus have experienced a surge in viewers and subscribers, thanks to the success of the hit series “Yellowstone” and other shows created by Taylor Sheridan. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, Warner Bros. Discovery believed that CNN was the missing ingredient for Max’s success. It’s a decision that continues to baffle many.

Furthermore, CNN’s independent viewership is on a downward spiral. As reported by Rob Mattox of The American Tribune, CNN has reached a new low. If the network’s executives don’t quickly change their approach and produce content that viewers actually want to watch, there’s no telling how much further CNN’s ratings will plummet.

Even a recent shakeup at CNN, which saw Brian Stelter and Don Lemon lose their primetime slots, did little to halt the network’s decline. It is becoming increasingly evident that CNN made a grave error when it decided to target Donald Trump as early as the 2016 presidential election.

With Max’s decision to bring CNN into its fold, there are undoubtedly high hopes within the company that the news agency will breathe new life into the streaming service and prevent fans from seeking alternatives. However, with the rising prices of streaming services, viewers are being forced to make tough choices and cut subscriptions to fit their budgets. It appears unlikely that CNN alone will be enough to keep Max financially viable in the next quarter.

In conclusion, Max’s puzzling choice to add CNN to its lineup has backfired spectacularly, resulting in a substantial loss of subscribers. The move has raised serious questions about the decision-making process at Warner Bros. Discovery and the viability of CNN as a content provider in today’s media landscape. As streaming service prices continue to rise, competition intensifies, and viewers become more discerning, the future for Max remains uncertain.