There’s something very special about watching talented children share their gifts with the world, and Ellen DeGeneres has introduced many amazing young talents to her audience. For example, this youngster is a very impressive magician, and an 8-year-old boy can really belt out a tune!

Ellen had Ryan and his 5-year-old daughter Violet on her show. They talked about Violet’s admiration for Dolly Parton.

Ryan explained that he became interested in helping children when he learned about Dolly’s Imagination Library, where she sends a new book to kids every month. Dolly sends Violet many of her favorite books, each accompanied by a small picture of Dolly. Violet was curious about the woman in the picture, so her father, Ryan – who is a musician – decided to play some of Dolly Parton’s songs for her.

Violet loves Dolly’s music just as much as she loves her books, and one of the songs she enjoys singing is Dolly’s hit “Jolene.” Although she is only five years old, Violet’s description of the song was accurate, to Ellen’s surprise.

After discussing the song, Violet was overjoyed to have the chance to sing it for Ellen. She toddled over to another couch and sat down next to her dad, who then picked up his guitar. This is a super sweet father-daughter moment that both of them will surely never forget. Violet is not only a talented singer, but she obviously loves her daddy very much!

Ellen had another special present for Violet after her performance, collaborating with Shutterfly. This would be a delight not only for Violet but also for her family.

If you want to watch Violet belt out “Jolene” on the Ellen Show and learn what gift Ellen and Shutterfly gave her family, check out the video below.