There’s a new music video taking over the internet, but it doesn’t involve a popular singer or a group. It features four fathers who walk out of a garage and begin singing and dancing. The video is funny because fathers usually don’t mind being the center of attention.

They don’t mind acting out in front of an audience. The men exit the garage wearing black sunglasses. Each man is wearing simple clothing, such as shorts and a shirt. They aren’t dressed like they are in a music video, but they do have a strut that would make you think that they have made a video or two in the past. Although the video starts a little slow, you quickly see that the song is about the life of being a father.

From singing about gas station sunglasses to wearing khaki pants while in the office, there’s a little bit of everything that the fathers rap about in the song. They all have the look of being the fathers they are in real life, talking about mowing the yard and making sure the family has everything that they need.

If you didn’t know any better, you would think that you were listening to a professional music group talking about the life of being a father.

The hysterical video you will enjoy below, is simply the important things to honor papas whose lives get changed when they end up being married man. They guys carry out an initial tune called “DADDY’S LIFE”, in which they rap about the “uncool” things they do, making them all the cooler for their capability to be self-deprecating in such a creative method.

This bit is laugh-out-loud amusing, from the lyrics, to the physical humor of them grilling, on lawnmowers, being difficult about their gardening and so on. These 4 daddies worn their embeded polos, dockers, muscle t-shirts coupled with knee-high white athletic socks … RAPPING!

Naturally the humor depends on the exaggeration of the reality of their lives, being coupled with their effort to repackage themselves as some difficult men, who are not to be tinkered. All of us like our daddies … their goofiness and commitment to our households is what we treasure about them … however it’s actually enjoyable to have a laugh WITH them through this hysterical video footage. Believe me, this one will make your day!

What do you get when you integrate daddies with mindset, a killer hip hop beat, and well considered lyrics about the important things that daddies do daily? This remarkable and funny tune called “Father Life” that has actually ended up being an anthem for cool dad’s all over. Do your daddy a favor and reveal him this video, it might simply make his day, and potentially even make him a little cooler.

The guys who produced the jam took all of the infamously uncool elements connected with being a papa and owned them. Their smart and amusing lyrics discuss whatever from clothes designs and hanging with the kids to landscaping and barbecuing.

The tune was performed in an Odd Al-type-style of parody that draws motivation from typical hip hop tunes. The males posture with stern, unsmiling, difficult search their faces and toss up papa indications rather of gang indications.

Rather of rolling around on the most popular custom-made wheels they whip minivans and flight lawnmowers. And forget using designer clothing like Versace and Gucci, these guys choose the daddy traditional closet of Dockers creased trousers, St. John’s Bay polos, and gasoline station sunglasses.

When they rap about cash and their “lots of dollars” it remains in recommendation to how all of it goes to their households. The only thing they shoot is “videos of the kids” and when they state “clip for my piece” it remains in referral to a cellular phone belt holder. They likewise call drop Disney characters and describe their kids as an entourage.