After Miracle Pogue, a 24-year-old woman from Mississippi encountered her 85-year-old husband Charles in a launderette back in 2019, an unlikely yet passionate romance was sparked between them. The couple has now recently tied the knot and are planning to start their own family despite being separated by 61 years of the age gap. As Charles does not have any children of his own, they are currently researching IVF treatment that would enable Miracle to conceive with his genes as his firstborn child.

Charles Pogue, a retired real estate agent, had been friends with Miracle for more than one year before finally deciding to propose marriage in February of 2020 – right before the pandemic completely halted society.

Upon observing Mircale’s overwhelming joy with the elderly retiree, her family wholeheartedly endorsed their plans to wed. Tamika Phillips (45) and Joe Brown (72), Miracle’s mother and grandfather respectively, were particularly enthusiastic about the nuptials. Her father Kareem Phillips (47), on the other hand, was much more skeptical of his daughter marrying a man considerably older than herself.

Miracle stated: “Charles used to bring in one item of clothing and only wanted me to serve him. One day, he waltzed in there and threw a piece of paper down and said “write down your number” like he’s a player. He was my knight in shining armor.

“We had a good vibe going. He didn’t make me feel weird. It was a good conversation. He made me feel comfortable. I knew he was older, but I didn’t know his age exactly. When I found out I was in too deep, it was a couple of months in, and I already had feelings for him. He was my baby, and he wasn’t going anywhere.

“I found out in conversation when we asked each other our date of birth, and he said he was born in 1937. I never even placed his age. We just wanted to see how it went. I don’t care if he’s 100 or 55. I like him for him. I thought he was maybe 60 or 70 because he looked so good. He’s always up and active.”

She continued, “My grandad said if I was happy and it’s what I want to do, then he’s happy. My dad was like, ‘hell no, ma’am, not at all.’ It took a lot of time to convince him, but I asked him if he wanted to lose his daughter forever. If he didn’t come to my wedding, he would have lost me forever. I told him I needed his support and to walk me down the aisle. Once he got to meet Charles and talk to him, he loved him.”

Charles added: “Miracle has got a lot going for her. She’s got her life in order. She’s great. The wedding day was wonderful. It was the best day of my life. There’s no problem with the age difference.”