There’s something absolutely infectious and joyful about a lively Irish jig.

Two-year-old Georgia didn’t really know what she was doing when she encountered an Irish step dancer in the streets of Galway, but that didn’t stop the exuberant child from following in the stranger’s fleet footsteps.

Now, thousands of people around the world have been charmed by the sight of their impromptu duet.

Emma O’Sullivan is an internationally acclaimed step dancer, but little Georgia simply saw her as a person doing something that looked like a lot of fun. As Emma danced, Georgia began to imitate her.

Soon, the two were locked into a magical game of copycat as Georgia intently studied Emma’s movements and mimicked them. Luckily for all the people who have been delighted by this twosome, the moment was captured on video.

The ancient art of Irish step dance has seen a resurgence in popularity lately thanks to stage shows like “Riverdance” and “Lord of the Dance.”

St. Patrick’s Day parades and Irish pubs often feature step dancers, and schools specifically geared toward teaching Irish dance have become increasingly common. While Georgia is still just a little tyke, her intensely visceral response to this style of music and dance suggests that she may be an ideal candidate for step dancing lessons herself.

Perhaps one day, she will be the elegant expert whose graceful movements inspire the dancers of the next generation.

“The little one dancing is as cute as can be. As a child I was always dancing around the house to whatever music was playing. My folks encouraged me and enrolled me for tap, ballet and ballroom dancing lessons. If I had spotted an Irish dancer on the streets then, I’d likely be dancing right along with her!!?”

“I know a man who plays violin for an orchestra, and he gets paid well. He plays on the street sometimes because it’s his passion, but the stress level is so much lower.?”