In an era where living past a century is a remarkable feat in itself, Giuseppina Projetto stood as an extraordinary testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Born in the picturesque town of La Maddalena, Sardinia, in March 1902, Projetto defied all odds to not only reach the coveted age of 100 but to surpass it by an incredible 16 years. Her story is a captivating blend of longevity, a positive attitude, and a secret love affair with chocolate.

As she approached the age of 110, Giuseppina Projetto became not only a symbol of longevity but also the oldest woman in Europe, a title she held until her passing on July 1. This remarkable milestone, however, didn’t faze the centenarian. When her grandson broke the news to her last December, she responded with a touch of humor, saying, “Really? And exactly how old am I? So many?”

To Projetto’s family, her remarkable age was a way of life. Her daughter-in-law, Guilia Mannozzi, stated, “For us, the age of grandma is normal: people fill us with questions, but with this exceptional life, I have been dealing with it for 50 years.” It was a testament to their extraordinary matriarch’s unyielding spirit and zest for life.

Projetto attributed her long and healthy life to two things, a relentlessly positive attitude and an unwavering love for chocolate. Yes, you read that correctly – chocolate! She firmly believed that her daily dose of chocolate contributed significantly to her longevity. In her own words, she confessed that she couldn’t go a single day without indulging in her favorite treat.

Giulia Mannozzi, her daughter-in-law, affectionately described the 116-year-old as someone who “lives by habits” and humorously noted, “she chews badly, but for the chocolate at the end of the meal, she always finds a solution.” It seems that chocolate was her daily ritual, a sweet anchor in the sea of time.

Surprisingly, Projetto’s devotion to chocolate might have been more than just a personal preference. Emerging research has shown that certain types of chocolate, particularly dark chocolate and cacao nibs, are often labeled as “superfoods.” These delicious treats have been linked to various health benefits, including cancer prevention, improved cognitive function, and a reduced risk of strokes. Projetto’s lifelong affinity for chocolate might not have been just a guilty pleasure; it could have played a vital role in her extended and healthy life.

The story of Giuseppina Projetto serves as a compelling reminder that life’s secret to longevity may lie not only in our genes but also in our daily habits and outlook on life. Her infectious positivity and unwavering love for chocolate paint a picture of a woman who embraced life with gusto and found joy in the simplest pleasures.

As we celebrate the extraordinary life of Giuseppina Projetto, we are reminded that it’s never too late to savor the sweet moments, to cherish the little joys, and to maintain a positive outlook on life. After all, as Projetto herself demonstrated, a piece of chocolate and a sunny disposition might just be the recipe for a long and fulfilling journey through the years.

In conclusion, Giuseppina Projetto’s story is a testament to the remarkable potential of the human spirit. Her 116-year journey through life, filled with laughter, love, and chocolate, serves as an inspiration to us all. As we bid farewell to this remarkable woman, let us carry forward her legacy by embracing life’s simple pleasures and cultivating a positive attitude that can transcend time itself. Giuseppina Projetto may be gone, but her legacy lives on, reminding us that age is just a number, and life is to be savored, one sweet moment at a time.