Unfortunately, there are people who are rude to those who are overweight.

Two women were in a McDonald’s when they saw a man who was obese.

He was ordering food, and they decided to make comments like disgusting and that fat people shouldn’t eat at fast food restaurants.

While the young women are making the comments, two men overhear them. They are surprised at how the women are treating the man who is simply getting something to eat.

The women just don’t let up on the man even after he gets his food. They go as far as to tell him to stop eating and jog from the restaurant on his way home. Someone in the restaurant asked the girls what they were thinking.

There is another man who shows his belly to the girls and tells them that he can’t talk to the man like that just because he’s fat. Next, the customer pours his drink on the woman’s head. The entire situation was a social experiment that took place in the restaurant.

It got people to talk about what they would do and say if they were to witness people bullying others about their weight. It’s a lesson learned in how to be an adult.