Being recognized within the realm of excellence, no matter the condition, is something that hopefuls strive for. One of the modeling world hopefuls that has checked many of these excellence boxes is Shantal Monique. Shantal grew up in a small suburb of Seattle, tracing her dreams despite the feedback. During her younger years, she was often criticized for one condition or the other, but that never stopped her from chasing what she wanted to procure as her life went forth.

She made the move south to Arizona shortly after graduating from high school. The move would place her within a region that lacked the judgment she was seeing in Washington, marking for the platform she needed to expand her career. She started with small modeling gigs and was eventually approached by magazines for an amateur shoot. This gig of a lifetime placed her name on the map and her face across one of the world’s largest magazine publications.

This rocket helped to propel her to new heights. She was featured on web variants of the publication, citing cyber work and camera work for the company. During the same time she was pursuing greater heights with publishers, Shantal worked to earn a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University. Her studies traced a background of math and science, working towards greater lengths in the field of biochemistry. This outside work, while continuing to shoot and pose for the camera, created a fallback should she need a quick pick-me-up.

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Somedays I know exactly what I want to achieve and am ready to take on the world. While other days I convince myself I am not capable of taking the actions necessary to do the things I told myself I could do in the first place. I know I am capable of more than I do, and that how I react to the days where I attempt to beat myself up for not achieving more is how I will continue to strive not just to be more successful but to learn to have more patience. I feel this burning desire to drive, push and jump my way through life. When realistically I know it isn’t about how fast I get somewhere but about what I learn along the way and how I use what I’ve learned to impact those around me. With hard work and perseverance I and anyone else who wants something they feel is unattainable can absolutely achieve anything. How I feel is so important to me yet I continue to put off the things that I know will make me feel the best (working out and eating healthy). It seems I have to be extreme or not do anything at all. I am going to challenge myself during what could be considered one of the most difficult times of the year to stay healthy. I am going to challenge myself to balance. Healthier options but while also enjoying life without declining to eat out or enjoy an occasional drink. Instead I will be mindful and keep track of my progress to show myself I don’t have to drive 100mph to reach my destination.

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Publishers continued to utilize her talents for advanced gigs. She embraced the cover of a few different issues and publications from her years of service. While she was contracted for many photoshoots, Shantal was increasing her model stance via travel to and from Los Angeles. Traveling to a big city opened the door of opportunity for tame modeling advances and bikini shoots.

Her Instagram page is a constant buzz feed of material. She holds over 1 million followers on this social media platform. Her Instagram account is the poster-board for most of her work. From chronicling adventures with magazines to white, sandy beaches; her Instagram page covers it all. Most of her fans are a mix of publication fans and her design and fashion work. She remains very consistent with her work schedule, driving her to places across the states. Her drive is something that her fans are drawn to. Most of her posts involve some sense of inspiration, leading fans to take something from her work. She will often host live events that allow users to stream content alongside her services, chiming in with questions, and reaching insightful answers. This busy body will continue to wow the world with her work ethic and will continue to advance her career based on the drive she possesses.