Quarantine has looked different from person to person. Some have spent their long wait fixing up their house, working on timely projects, or finding solutions for extensive problems. For Eva Padlock, quarantine represented the opportunity to ‘wow’ her community of fans. This heartthrob posted a recent lockdown photo that was very revealing, tempting her fans during this period of boredom.

Ava is a brand ambassador at heart. She works closely with the Fashion Nova talent agency, applying her wondrous looks to photo sessions around the globe. Travel is paired with her second stint working as a Monster Energy representative. With Monster, Ava has traveled to racecourses around the nation, citing marketing efforts for the brand and building a personal following.

When it comes to creating access portals to her fans, Ava has implemented plenty. She reveals most of her stunning content with her Instagram followers. Her Instagram page currently tallies over 1.6 million followers. A large garnishing of these fans comes from the faithful of the Fashion Nova group and the Monster Energy fans. When questioned as to how she gained so many fans, she humbly responds with oblivion. It is not hard to realize why her fans have clamored to her work. She represents multiple brands and is constantly on the go, revisiting towns and cities across America. The pure sense of representation is carried within the self, promoting her self-branding initiatives even when working for other companies. Her dual-purpose approach is what has kept her relevant in the world of social media intrigue.

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She has also created her own club following via Facebook. This page is filled with fan-made content, expelling her fancy within different model shoots and different scenes of beauty. She often utilizes her following for good, interacting with her fans and providing them insight into her life. She remains very open for questioning, providing answers to burning questions that fans may have. She often streams her video responses to fan content, adding that sense of personality that fans have come to know and love.

She was born and raised in Spain. She comes from a relatively normalized background, which heightens the intrigue to her rise to stardom. She worked to place herself in a position of access. Everything that she has become involved with is self-created, which helps place a presence of motivation for fans and followers. She always strives to go above and beyond her call of duty, posing for pictures with fans, chatting with others, and remaining available for contact. Becoming a public figure has suited her personality well. She will continue to climb the ranks of international models as time goes on, building relationships and lasting partnerships along the way.