At only twenty-three years old, Odalis Santos Mena was an acclaimed fitness influencer known and beloved by many. She sought support from a Mexican clinic to address her perspiration issue and decided on the MiraDry treatment. Unfortunately, she ended up going to a facility that lacked proper licensing for this procedure, resulting in tragic consequences as it led to her passing away due to complications from the botched operation.

Tragically, on July 7th, 2021 the renowned Mexican bodybuilder Mena succumbed to a botched MiraDry treatment. This procedure is often advertised as a fast and permanent solution for those suffering from excessive perspiration and its accompanying odors. Sadly in this instance, an unlicensed doctor administered the treatment with dire consequences.

The SkinPiel clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico saw an opportunity to boost its reputation and the procedure by recruiting a bodybuilder for its completion. All reports suggest that it was a savvy move on their part.

Unfortunately, the administration of anesthesia did not result in a positive outcome for her. She went into cardiac arrest shortly after receiving it and employees at the SKinPiel clinic began performing CPR to attempt to revive her. Despite their attempts, they botched the procedure and ultimately were unable to bring her back, leading to an untimely demise.

When news of the passing of this influencer spread throughout Mexico, law enforcement began to probe the medical clinic. They soon determined that an untrained and negligent anesthesiologist was responsible for her death due to carelessness. Shockingly, even though they were unqualified to administer anesthesia drugs, they had been asked by the clinic’s owners to carry out such a task.

The Sun’s report uncovered the truth that SkinPiel clinic is, in fact, an unlicensed medical facility.

According to the coroner’s report, Mena tragically passed away due to a combination of anesthesia and steroids she was taking in order to improve her bodybuilding performance.

The clinic firmly asserted that the attending physician acted with alacrity to attempt resuscitation on Mena as soon as she experienced cardiac arrest. They expediently called for an ambulance and collaborated closely with medical specialists to discern if anything else beyond her prescribed medication caused this fatal occurrence.

Subsequently, SkinPiel uncovered the presence of substances in Mena’s system that were previously unknown to them before commencing the procedure. These compounds included clenbuterol, creatine and oxandrolone.

“Upon delivering the signed form to the doctor, he asked [her] again about substance use, and [she] verbally reiterated that [she] had not,” stated the clinic.

Prior to receiving the MiraDry procedure, Mena shared her experiences with her 147,000 Instagram followers and went as far as claiming it was completely safe. Sadly, this same treatment ultimately took away her life.

MiraDry is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration and has been used in over 140,000 successful treatments worldwide. Through thermal technology, sweat glands are eliminated from your underarms to achieve a near 82% reduction of moisture upsurge paired with an extraordinary 89% decrease in odor-causing bacteria–plus some patients have even noticed lesser hair development there as well!

Family and fans alike will mourn the loss of their beloved influencer.