It is not easy to be a single mother with a teenager. That’s why, back in 2015, Heidi Johnson understood she had to make some significant changes if she wanted her son Aaron to listen and respect her. Aaron was 13 years old at the time.

The adolescent didn’t believe he was required to obey his mother’s instructions. chores at home or even his schoolwork, he would ignore her requests. Instead, he’d spend the majority of his time on his electronic gadgets.

Aaron is a YouTuber, so you see why I’m using that term. And because he’s already making some money at such a young age, he thinks he doesn’t need to do anything else at home or give more attention to his studies. That didn’t sit well with Aaron’s mother. That’s when Heidi had enough. She realized that her son needed a “tough love” lesson after seeing how happy and carefree he was while pursuing his YouTube dreams.

Heidi wrote him a letter to her son while he was at school. She stated, in part:

“Since you seem to have forgotten that you are only 13, and I’m the parent and that you won’t be controlled, I guess you will need a lesson in independence.”

She went on to say that because he believes he is already earning his own money, he will be able to repay her for what she purchased and gave him. This includes the most basic goods like lightbulbs and clothing. She also listed all of his obligations to her, such as rent and power.

She then set him to work, giving him tasks that he thought he was already “independent.”

To finish the letter, she said: “If you decide you would rather be my child again, instead of roommate, we can renegotiate terms.”

Heidi then took a photo of the letter, which she posted on Facebook and pinned on her son’s door. She assumed that only close friends and family would be able to see it when she put it online, so she was shocked when her account received 100 new Facebook requests the next day. The letter she composed for her son subsequently went viral!

It was only natural that her son would be furious after finding the note.. Heidi said, “He crumpled the letter, threw it to the floor, and stormed out of the apartment.”

He initially claimed that his mother would not follow through on her promise in the letter. But an hour later, he appeared to have realized she meant business. So he grabbed his television and a few other items from the bedroom and took them back home with him.

Then, he apologized…

Despite the fact that it has been six years since Heidi penned this letter to her son, the message is still timely. People are yet responding to it on social media sites, posting comments, and forwarding the information.

Have you ever had to put your foot down and give your kid a harsh lesson on tough love?

Teenagers can be difficult at times. They claim that it’s a passing fancy that will pass soon. It is, however, critical for parents to do what they think is best for their children before things go wrong and get worse for them.