In a poignant interview with Fox News Channel during an event commemorating the anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, a World War II veteran expressed a somber view of present-day America. He lamented that the country he once fought for, which was a beacon of hope and freedom, has transformed into a far different and disheartening place. The veteran’s heartfelt words echo the sentiments of many who feel alienated by the current state of the nation.

When asked about his feelings towards America now, after the sacrifices made by his generation on the beaches of Normandy, the fields of Europe, the deserts of North Africa, the islands of the Pacific, and the skies above, the veteran’s response was strikingly unenthusiastic. The interviewer, during the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, posed a poignant question: “When you’re here with all of these brothers and people who experienced the war as you did, and also the subsequent wars in Korea and Vietnam, what do you think about the state of our country today? How do you feel about the country that you worked so hard to keep free?”

The veteran didn’t mince words. He shared that the “real truth” is he often feels like a foreigner in his own country due to how drastically it has changed. The current state of affairs, with critical issues being ignored by Washington while frivolous distractions take center stage, weighs heavily on his heart. Yet, amidst his sorrow, he retained a glimmer of hope that the country could still turn things around.

“I feel like a foreigner in my own country lots of times. And I don’t like it. It makes my heart real heavy. And I just hope that you pull out of this. There’s too much Hollywood going on in Washington all the time. Important subjects they don’t cover. So the thing is, I hope all the guys rally up, go back, and straighten it all out,” he said.

The veteran’s candid reflection struck a chord with many viewers. One commenter on social media platform X thanked him for his service and expressed remorse for how the country has changed, writing, “Thank you for your service and bravery sir. I apologize for our country for not being good stewards of the country you and many others fought for and what many of your friends died for. Forgive us, please?”

Another commenter echoed similar sentiments, highlighting a persistent sense of patriotism despite the prevailing negative attitudes towards such feelings in modern America. “This hero is droppin facts!! I never saw combat but I feel the same way. The America pride is deemed bad these days but I will always be proud to be an American!” he said.

This moving interaction serves as a stark reminder of the profound disconnection felt by many veterans who sacrificed so much for the freedom and prosperity of their country. As we honor the brave individuals who fought in World War II, it’s crucial to reflect on their legacy and strive to restore the values and principles that made America a nation worth fighting for. The words of this veteran should inspire us all to rally together, address the pressing issues facing our nation, and rekindle the spirit of patriotism and unity that defined the Greatest Generation.