When out dining with her family, this one woman was having such a wonderful time that she just couldn’t stay seated. She rose to her feet and began twerking in front of everyone at the restaurant – and luckily (or unluckily) enough, someone recorded it all! The video soon made its way onto Reddit where it swiftly skyrocketed into viral status. It’s safe to say that the dinner outing certainly wasn’t forgotten any time soon!

In this sensational video, a curvaceous lady wearing scanty attire strides into a restaurant with black and red tiled flooring. She stands before an unsuspecting family as they dine, then she bends forward so her voluptuous behind is facing the diners- who are all strangers -and starts to gyrate her hips while twerking in front of them.

A man at the table directs his attention in a different direction, saying to the children, “Gaze upon that!” He’s attempting to distract them from admiring the woman twerking. She was attired in a tiny pink garment that tightly hugged her body and accentuated her curves – particularly her legs and booty! Her hair had been recently buzzed short; she held onto an exquisite blonde wig that she’d worn earlier on.

After the lady had been groovin’ for a while, one of the guys rises to his feet and proclaims to her: “Ma’am, you’re going to have to leave, please.”

When the twerking woman was challenged by a fellow diner, she ceased her actions and fled the scene in laughter. Although humorous for some onlookers, this incident had an understandably unpleasant consequence for the family targeted.

The man, his arms protectively encircling two small children, implored the woman as she left the restaurant: “I have children here!”

Maybe the woman dared to perform the dance move in front of her family. Regardless, this video quickly garnered thousands of reactions on Reddit, some including:

“Some people are just gross. What was the point of that?”

“She probably felt like being disrespectful just because she wanted to.”

“She’s a sh*tty person without any morals. She knows exactly why what she is ….. too stupid to realize how pathetic she truly is.”

A potential reason for the woman twerking in front of a family at the restaurant was suggested by one individual.

“She’s probably really insecure about her weight. So she fakes being really positive about herself and shoving it in others’ faces like a defensive reaction.”

Rumor had it that the woman in question was Peaches, who received notoriety for being an inexcusably “terrible person.”

One person said, “Is this Peaches? This is one of the worst things she has ever done. She’s a terrible human being!”

“This isn’t just any woman. This is lovelypeaches. And by God, she is the most horrendous f**k I’ve seen.”

Have you gotten a chance to watch this video that’s been circulating around? What’re your thoughts on it?