Autumn Cathey, a young woman out for brunch with friends, found herself in an unexpected and unfortunate situation. Fueled by the joy of the moment and perhaps “one too many” mimosas, Autumn’s balance became compromised, leading to a disastrous fall that resulted in the loss of her front teeth.

In a twist of fate, Autumn chose to document her misfortune for all to see, sharing her ordeal on TikTok. From the depths of embarrassment, her video quickly gained traction, attracting hundreds of thousands of views and over 340,000 likes. Twitter was not far behind, as a clip of the incident went viral, amassing more than 3.4 million views. Curiosity got the best of people as they tuned in to witness Autumn Cathey’s unexpected dental mishap, caused by her excessive indulgence in bottomless mimosas.

Autumn’s TikTok video, posted on her account @autumncathey6, captures the moment she consumed seven mimosas and decided to embark on a risky escapade, climbing onto her friend’s shoulders and parading through the plaza. Unfortunately, the daring move resulted in a devastating blow to her dental health, knocking out several front teeth. While the exact number of lost teeth remains unclear, Autumn humorously captioned her post with the words, “Bottomless mimosas are a drug.”

Thankfully, Autumn Cathey’s road to recovery has been relatively smooth. Responding to a comment on TikTok, she revealed that a dentist successfully reinserted some of her teeth and secured them with dental glue, restoring her smile to some extent.

Considering the circumstances, Autumn is coping well. However, it’s safe to say that she will likely approach bottomless mimosa brunches with caution in the future, unless she wishes to relive the memorable incident of losing her front teeth due to overindulgence and a sudden fall.

Autumn’s fortunate outcome should not overshadow the potential dangers associated with such accidents. A different landing or impact could have resulted in serious injuries. Nevertheless, she managed to transform her mishap into a viral moment, providing laughter and a shared experience for those who empathized with her misjudgment.