Every family has its own set of ‘family objectives.’ Some families are satisfied with one child, while others would go to any length to have a daughter or a son in the family. This is the story of this family. Before she was able to deliver her first girl, this mother from England had already given birth to ten boys!

It appears that 11 is the lucky number for Alexis Brett. Until she gave birth to her first daughter, Alexandra, in 2015, there had been ten boys in the family. When Alexis discovered she was pregnant with their 11th kid on Christmas Eve, she took a home pregnancy test. This verified her suspicions.

When Alexis and her husband, David went for a gender scan, they were shocked to discover that she was pregnant with a girl. She had previously assumed that she would have another boy in the family. But when they got their results back, they found out that she was expecting a baby girl.

Brett stated, “It’s a fantastic feeling. ” When this mother was just 22 years old, she had her first kid. For the past 15 years, she has given birth to nine more boys.

This is why the couple was shocked when they learned during their gender scan that they were expecting a girl. They were happy since they knew that, for the first time, they would be buying pink outfits for their daughter.

She continued, “Curiosity did get the better of us. When the results came in the mail, Harrison opened the envelope because I was too nervous. When we realized it was a girl, we were amazed. It sounds silly because it’s a 50-50 chance, but we were surprised anyway. ”

She added, “We’re over the moon. I’d been expecting to hear we were having another boy but when I found out it was a girl, my face was a picture. I was shocked but delighted. Now she’s here with us, it’s a fantastic feeling. ”

They were allowed to bring her home a few weeks after she was born.

On August 27th, Brett gave birth to her daughter. They chose the name Cameron after the actress Cameron Diaz. Her child was born at 16 years old, making her Cameron’s elder sibling by a year. Her other older siblings are Harrison, 16, Corey, 14, Lachlan, 11, Brodie 9 , Brahn 8 , Hunter 6 , Mack 5 Black 3 Rothagaidh 2 and Rothagaidh 2 .

Parents praised Cameron’s influence on her older brothers, especially in terms of conduct. David stated, “They have generally been much better behaved around her, trying to keep quiet in case they wake her up. They also want to help with holding and feeding her. It’s been great.”

The new mother also joked that they’ll definitely quit now. She said, “No more! I remember saying that last time, but this time I absolutely mean it. I love my family as it is now.”

Brett revealed that she has never tried to have a girl throughout any of her pregnancies. She claims that they’ve been asked a lot whether they want a daughter. “But I can honestly answer no,” she said. I think she meant that Cameron was not planned, but she was overjoyed. In fact, regardless of the gender of the next child, she would feel the same way.