A husband has taken drastic measures to get the “quiet time” he desires, much to the dismay of his wife. The busy mother of two cannot believe her husband has put a lock on their bedroom door so he can enjoy his leisure time without her interruptions. In a viral social media post, the wife claims that her husband prioritizes his relaxation over getting a good night’s sleep, even though he complains of being tired after playing video games for hours.

The woman shared the situation on Reddit, where she elaborated on the difficulties she faces coping with her husband’s strict rules.

“He values his sleep and has one rule in the house that he enforces strictly, which is to not be interrupted while sleeping,” she wrote

The upset wife continued, “He literally put a sign on the bedroom door saying ‘DO.NOT.WAKE.ME.UP’ under any circumstances, just no, unless someone’s hurt or dead though; in this case, he said he still wouldn’t be of much help anyway. The kids and I would sometimes wake him up but for serious reasons. He got mad and started locking the door. I get no access to the room for two hours, but that’s not the main problem.”

An emergency situation occurred when their three-year-old son spilled hot grease on his arm while their fourteen-year-old daughter was cooking in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the wife was unable to wake her husband up because he was sleeping behind his locked bedroom door and did not want to be disturbed. The whole house was in chaos, and the wife was left alone to handle the situation.

“I heard him scream and saw that the oil was covering his hand and half of his arm, I brought the first aid kit, but he was in so much pain, and his skin looked really bad,” the wife wrote. “I rushed to wake my husband up, I kept knocking but got no response, so I tried to open it, but it was locked. I spent a while between knocking on the door (he had his phone turned off).”

The wife felt helpless and alone, as her husband was unwilling to assist her in the emergency, and she had to rely on the kindness of her neighbors to get medical attention for her son’s burn.

“I couldn’t help but feel livid the whole time,” she said.

After returning from the hospital, the wife confronted her husband about the locked bedroom door, and a heated argument ensued.

“I blew up on him after I showed him our son’s injury and told him that I pounded on the door to wake him up, but he said he had his earbuds on and didn’t hear a thing. I called him reckless and neglectful for ignoring a family emergency,” she stated. “He said I could say the same thing about myself for leaving our son unsupervised and causing him to get a burn. I stopped arguing and went to remove the bedroom door lock. He started yelling at me, saying I had no right. I refused to respond; I just walked off to calm down.”

“He didn’t stop complaining, calling me bossy and saying that by removing the lock, I’ve destroyed his peace and quiet and caused him sleep deprivation. He’s insisting I put it back, but I refused.”

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