Addiction is a disease that affects everyone, at all ages. It afflicts people of both genders and all ages. This female is addicted to looking like her favorite cartoon character, even if it means putting herself through the pain and suffering.

Recently, a woman appeared on This Morning and claimed to have spent over £500,000 on 200 cosmetic treatments in order to resemble a cartoon character!

Obviously, the responses were negative while a few were harsh. Some people think that she is already way out of her depth with such an endeavor. But is there a limit to cosmetic surgery? Is it possible to want to look a certain way?

Pixee Fox, 27, has spent over half-a-million pounds to acquire the cartoon figure body she’s always desired. To do this, she had six of her ribs removed. She was previously against plastic surgery before all of these metamorphoses began.

She stated during the show that: “I used to be an electrician, so I didn’t, you know, just start with this randomly.” She claims she has no recollection of how it all began. “I don’t know why. Does it come from always being very artistic? As A child, I always used to draw and paint and I was kind of living in my own little fantasy world but created in my head.”

She continued, “For me, it was never about how I looked.”

Pixie is talented in drawing and creating. And because of her artwork, she wanted to appear like the characters she was creating. And before she knew it, she had transformed into someone new. Her nose, breasts, and eyelids were the first things she modified.

She understands that the change will be a long one, but for her, she dares herself to go as far as possible. Pixee added that she views herself as a pioneer in the beauty business, believing that her extreme makeovers are pushing the field forward and aiming to go above and beyond limits.

Pixie was the first person in history to have her six ribs removed for aesthetic purposes. And, while it appeared excruciating, this metamorphosis also came at a cost. The operations were not cheap.

However, as long as she has her ideal body, she is prepared to pay this price. She also says that her health is not an issue and that her organs are functioning properly, but she must wear a 16-inch corset externally to serve as an external rib cage.

Beauty and appearance are extremely subjective. You can’t say that what you find attractive is the same as what other people consider beautiful. Pixie has her own set of standards, which include the desire to appear like a sexier cartoon figure. Remember that each of us has our own unique perceptions and standards for what is attractive and attractive.

To develop self-love and confidence, one must first learn to love oneself. We all have insecurities at times, but you can’t let them get the best of you. Nothing is wrong with having thin lips or a small bust, yet there is something attractive about curves. You should never be judged on your appearance. But sadly, ladies now strive to look like supermodels in order to be attractive. This is where addiction might take hold.

Plastic surgery addiction is a serious problem. And, in light of everything I’ve said thus far, this is something we should never take lightly.