Dr. Kristin Small is an Anatomy Professor that teaches in colleges in Queensland, Australia where she is from. Dr. Small is fighting for the chance to change the body part names, named after male humans and other anatomy and medical terms. Dr. Small believes the health community needs to acknowledge the body parts that are named after men but found in women too. This is sexist, and misogynistic Dr. smalls believe, the body parts shared by all humans should have names that represent and reflects every human equally.

One of the many body parts Dr. Smalls has found a problem with is Adam’s apple, Well Based on the Biblical story of the first man on the earth. Even though being part of the male and female human anatomy they still used a male name to represent the body part. Another name that needs to be updated is found in the females’ reproductive system called the fallopian tube, named after a male Italian anatomist despite being only found in women the organ is still named after a man. The up-dating of anatomy is a controversial topic right now as we speak, which is looking and asking for a change to better represent women around the world. Dr. Smalls plans on pushing and influencing the world leading the movement of up-dating body parts and the human anatomy’s medical terms.

Dr. Small is not only a professor in Australia, but she also is an obstetrician specialist, and gynecologist. Dr. Small being a woman she is the perfect women candidate to lead the change and teach and inform students. A lot of the stigma that comes from the situation originates from the origin and reasoning behind picking male names to represent both genders. Apparently, today most of the medical terms used in anatomy have dark and twisted origins. For example, the medical term “hysterectomy,” originates from the old belief women have weaker make-up than men, making them more prone to experience female hysteria. When this used to happened back in olden times and older medical practice the procedure was to, remove the uterus through surgery. We now know this is wrong in today’s times. This sexist attitude hiding away behind closed doors in the health community needs to be corrected and brought to light to help free our language and history. Dr. Nisha Khot, Councilmember is that of many medical experts pushing for the chance to change “uterectomy.” from “hysterectomy.” This situation is bigger than just women’s rights, or women’s health this is more about respect and growth for society to grow we must learn from each other. This change will help erase and leave the past of women’s suffrage and women’s rights behind us.