What started out as a night of partying with friends has now become a lawsuit over a shooting. Kyndal McVey was enjoying an evening with friends on the night of June 28, 2020, at a home in Hunter, Oklahoma. Late into the night, McVey and her friends took notice of a Nazi flag flying across the street at the home of Alexander Feaster. Angry and upset about the nature of the flag, fellow party-goers dared McVey to cross the street and remove the offending flag. Little did they know that Feaster was setting up his weapon and waiting for someone to take notice of his flag. After McVey entered the property and removed the flags, as she attempted to return to the party across the street Feaster fired shots, hitting McVey four times. McVey was struck in her lower abdomen, legs, and back. After a party-goer reported the incident to 911, it was determined that McVey was shot with an AR 15 style assault rifle and then lay in a ditch until police and medical services arrived. McVey was transported to the hospital where she faced multiple surgeries as well as a 4-week stay.

Feaster was charged intent to kill as well as assault and battery with a deadly weapon and remanded to jail before being released after posting a $75,000 bond. Feaster maintains that he was the victim in this incident and that he feared for his life and acted in self-defense. A veteran who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq, the out-of-work oil field operator claims that he was previously harassed over the Nazi memorabilia displayed on his lawn, including having items thrown at him. Defense attorneys sided with Feaster, stating that his beliefs made him a target for harassment.

In an attempt to receive some reimbursement for the attempt on her life, as well as the physical and mental suffering caused by the incident, McVey has filed a lawsuit in the amount of $75,000 against Feaster. Medical expenses lost time from work, and a change in mental condition due to the incident is the main focus of the civil lawsuit filed by McVey. Understanding that Feaster has an unstable financial situation, McVey is not requesting an extremely high amount for compensation. Defense attorneys were able to talk Feaster’s bail down from $500,000 to $75,000 as well as allow him to be released to and live with his mother while prosecuting attorneys state that Feaster anticipated someone entering his property in response to the Nazi memorabilia and therefore lay in wait for an opportunity to respond with force. With a range of opinions on the event, the topic has been deemed highly political due to the controversial nature of the event.