In the early morning hours of June 28th, 2020, in Hunter, Oklahoma, a woman, Kyndal McVey, walked across the street from a party she was attending and decided to take down a Nazi flag belonging to Alexander Feaster. Outraged by his white supremacist views, she pulled down the Nazi flags on his property. Kyndal was dared to remove the flags by other people at the party. Feaster was setting up his firearm, and waiting for someone to take down the flags. While she was running from his property, he fired four rounds at her using a AR 15 Style Assault Rifle. She was struck four times, in her back, lower abdomen, and legs. A partygoer called 9-11, and police and medical crews arrived and found McVey lying in a ditch in severe pain. McVey spent four weeks in the hospital and is still suffering from the incident. McVey has undergone several surgeries in response to her injuries.

Feaster was handcuffed and charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon, as well as intent to kill, instead of receiving manslaughter charges. He was released from jail by the Oklahoma Legal System on bail after paying the low $75,000 bond. He has a preliminary scheduled hearing on March 5th. He claims that he was the victim in the scenario, and cites that he feared for his life and was in “great imminent danger.” In response, he acted “in self-defense” with deadly force. His patriotism and loyalty are in direct contradiction to his allegiance to his Nazi ideals, which he claims reflect the Public consciousness of National Socialism and the Third Reich. Defense attorneys capitalize on his stance of victimhood, claiming he was targeted based on his views. Alexander Feaster had previously served in the military in Afghanistan and Iraq and was an out of work oil field operator. He claims that he had been previously targeted and harassed, and had projectiles thrown at him due to the Nazi memorabilia on display outside of his house.

McVey is currently suing Feaster for over $75,000 in damages, due to an attempt on her life, and immense physical and mental suffering. Due to Feaster’s current financial state, McVey is not seeking much money. McVey is filing a civil lawsuit due to lost time, medical expenses, and a change in mental condition due to the gunshots. Attorneys were able to convince the court to reduce his bail from $500,000 to $75,000 and allow him to be released to live with his mother. Investigators claim that Feaster had created a situation and anticipated someone attempting to take down the Nazi flags, and was waiting for an opportunity to respond. There was additional security footage, showing McVey running off the property, as well as guns and ammunition on Feaster’s property. Opinions and views on the incident range, and the incident is extremely political given its controversial nature.