When Dafna arrived at her date with Zakir, she was pleased to see that he looked like his online dating profile and seemed like a great catch. However, Dafna, who is from New York, was appalled when Zakir made a “dismal” mistake by not ordering anything during their first date. Her disinterest in her Hinge date started when the server arrived at their table, and Zakir made a $3.00 mistake while ordering.

Although Dafna was happy to order a Branzino for dinner, Zakir ordered a burger without cheese. This would not have been a problem, but Zakir refused to pay an additional three dollars for cheese. Instead of ignoring the extra charge and enjoying their date, Zakir went off on a rant about the situation, causing Dafna to lose interest in him for good.

“He complained about having to pay for everything these days,” she stated in a video.

Dafna was optimistic about her date with Zakir until he made a fuss over paying extra for cheese on his burger, which put her off him.

“Why am I doing this to myself?” she asked in her video. “I thought things were going well.”

After ordering their meals, Dafna was eager to leave as soon as possible. She quickly ate her meal and then fabricated an excuse about needing to freshen up in the bathroom. However, instead of heading to the restroom, she went directly to the server and paid for both meals.

“I just took my purse and went to the waitress, paid the $55 bill, texted him that the bill was taken care of and he should’ve gotten the cheese.”

Once she sent him the message, she blocked Zakir on her phone and said, “It’s New York, everything is expensive.”

After Dafna’s TikTok video went viral, Zakir became aware that he was being ridiculed, prompting him to respond to her video. He shared a “stitch” response to explain that he was not trying to be cheap by refusing to add cheese to his burger.

Zakir shared his response in a follow-up video “I had the intention of paying $21 for a burger – so adding $3 was not worth it,” he added “So, thank you for paying for dinner, and bye-bye!”

The video exchange between Dafna and Zakir has become viral, and netizens have started to call them “cheese girl” and “cheese guy” as a way to refer to their bad date.

“It’s not about how much the cheese cost,” one woman said. “It’s about why you are complaining about it on your first date.”

“You’re amazing. That’s also what I would have done. Complaining about money on a first date is a huge turn-off.”

However, there are those who support Zakir’s point of view and agree that paying three dollars for a slice of cheese is “ridiculous.”

“He just decided the cheese wasn’t worth it. I don’t see the problem in that.”

“I guess something is wrong with me because $3 for cheese on a burger is crazy,” another person said.