In the past few years, tattoos have surged in popularity. They were once seen as taboo but are now much more common, with 36% of U.S adults between 18-29 having at least one tattoo, according to Compare Camp statistics. People get them for all sorts of reasons – because they hold personal meaning or simply because they look cool – but one TikTok user got a shock when she learned the dark truth behind her new tattoo design choice.

A young woman from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, is using TikTok to apologize for a wrist tattoo that she regrets is “a secret sign used by swingers to recognize each other in public.” What did she get? It’s an upside-down pineapple surrounded by a triangle.

Brittany Lewin posted a video to TikTok in which she described having a conversation with a TikTok fan who inquired whether she had an upside-down pineapple tattoo on her wrist.

Upon the follower’s suggestion, Brittany confirmed that researching upside-down pineapples meant she was looking for a swinger party.

“I’ve made a mistake, besties,” Brittany said.

Brittany assumed that the tattoo she got on her back was harmless, but she was shocked to find out that it actually had a secret code on her skin. She is now trapped with the swinger sign for the rest of her life unless she decides to go through the unpleasant process of having it removed.

Brittany’s TikTok video has been viewed tens of thousands of times across the world and has traveled from Australia to the United States. People all around the globe have responded, including one who stated: “‘I’ve thought this every video I’ve seen of you. I just thought each to their own.”

“Every time I see the tattoo, I was thinking to myself ‘does she know,’” another TikTok user wrote.

“I always thought you and James were just into some extra fun stuff. Lol, I’m sad that you didn’t actually know,” another added.

“Just turn [the tattoo] into Spongebob’s house and add some seashells,” another suggested.

“Omg, same. I was just waiting for you to figure it out,” one person said.

“I feel so bad for you,” another user added.

Depending on how the judge rules, Brittany Lewin may remove her swinger tattoo or keep it. It’s unclear whether she’ll keep her current swinger tattoo, but one thing is certain: she won’t be getting any more pineapple tattoos for a long time. After all, who would want to put themselves in a position of being surrounded by people who view their upside-down pineapple tattoo as nothing more than a tattoo? Hopefully, Brittany isn’t ever involved in a scenario in which she’s caught around swingers who take her upside-down pineapple tattoo at face value.

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