Alejandra Griffa had never expected to see love so heartwarming just before her eyes in a rural town of La Plata, Argentina. Alejandra was sitting at home one evening when she heard muffled cries coming from outside, rushing to find the culprit, she found something a bit more unusual. Alejandra rushed outside to lay her eyes upon a street dog named Way huddling a litter of pups who she just had conceived, with a surprising plus-one, that plus being a one-month-old baby. Alejandra was stunned to see the one-month-old bundled up alongside the litter of pups and quickly called authorities to bring light to the situation.

Authorities were able to discover that the baby’s mother was a 14-year-old teen that must have tried abandoning the baby in order for him to die in the 37-degree weather. Luckily Way, the mother of the pups discovered the baby and immediately took him in as one of her own. In order to keep the child from dying in the cold, the mom pup was able to keep the infant warm alongside her own puppies which resulted drastically in saving his life. Daniel Salcedo, a chief of police of the Province of Buenos Aires, concluded that if Way had not taken the baby in, he would have died due to the low temperatures they were going through. Rushing the child to the hospital doctors were able to examine and get the baby back to normal health thoroughly. After seeing the miracle unfold due to a street dog named Way, they soon began to see Way as a hero to mankind. The doctors at the hospital, the Police staff, and Alejandra were all amazed that love so strong could reach such great potentials alike the one they had seen transpire before them. The child was able to be examined and treated by doctors due to the minor scratches and bruises he had endured during the situation. However, Doctors were proudly able to say that the abandoned child was above all else, nothing more than a baby boy that was still mentally and physically in a good standing condition. The child was deemed to make a full and healthy recovery.

As it is believed and nevertheless stood corrected, the love a mother has for a child can go to great extents and this story being one of those. Love can still remain present in most situations, including adoption, whereas the mother is not the biological mother yet still holds love to a high standing within their own heart. The meaning behind this story deems that love can go as far as being different species as one another and still maintaining the same values of love.