A video of a San Bernardino woman with glasses arguing with police in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant was recorded by Rob Bermudez, a resident of Los Angeles County. The argument took place next to an ambulance creating a disturbing scene for onlookers. The video also shows the woman arguing with the emergency response crew as well. Reportedly, the ambulance and emergency workers were on the scene responding to calls of a victim being stabbed in the head. The alleged stab victim was not seen in the video, however. The video does show that the reason the woman is arguing with the police and emergency crew is that the ambulance and police car is blocking the way of her BMW sedan. Rob captioned the video, stating that the victim had been stabbed in the head either in the nearby restaurant or near it. When arriving on the scene, the ambulance and police vehicles parked directly in front of the restaurant. This had the effect of blocking the woman’s BMW sedan from leaving the area, causing her to become upset.

The video shows that the woman who owned the BMW sedan was with a man when she tried to leave, but could not back out. The woman began arguing with the police and emergency crew, expressing her frustration with the situation. One member of the emergency crew tried to reason with the woman, telling her that they will move the ambulance when they can and that they are just doing their jobs. They also asked her to step away from the emergency vehicle. It was at this time that Rob himself decided to speak up. He asked the woman what her opinion was, and if she really felt that the ambulance should move because she had become inconvenienced. The woman responded to Rob by saying that the world isn’t going to stop just because of this situation and that if it were a true emergency the ambulance and emergency crew wouldn’t be just standing around. She added that she was sorry if people didn’t like that it was that way, and proceeded to use profanity to describe how she didn’t care what people thought.

The woman then proceeded to tell her partner to back the BMW out of the parking lot, and he began doing so as instructed. However, a police officer at the scene tells the driver to put the car back where it was and states that because there has been someone stabbed in the head, they can’t let them leave right now. The woman pointed aggressively at the officer and claimed that she wasn’t going to sit there waiting on them. The police officer remained calm and said that the woman and her partner were going to stay put. Folding her arms, the woman continued to argue with the officer. On social media, people have expressed how upset they are with the woman’s actions, and many have praised the officer for reaming calm while dealing with her.