It’s a full-time job for most moms who breastfeed, according to the majority of them. Breastfeeding and its production are almost a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week routine for parents because they must feed their infant at all hours of the night and pump breast milk when they need to be away from their child. That’s why one lady decided she’d leave her career in order to devote more time breastfeeding her adult boyfriend in what members of their underground society know as an ABR or ANR relationship (meaning adults are nursed).

Brad Leeson can’t get enough of his partner’s breastmilk, Jennifer Mulford. The couple became a viral sensation for the unusual way Mulford feeds Leeson with her naturally produced breastmilk after coming forward about their odd relationship dynamic in 2016.

Because the pair is in love with nursing, Mulford left her job so that she might devote her breasts to this odd lifestyle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Despite no longer working an ordinary job, Mulford isn’t simply sitting around waiting for her partner to return home with the bread. NO. She has to work very hard to keep her body in such condition that she can continue to generate breastmilk for him on-demand.

Mulford spends hours milking herself with her hand and with a pump, as well as supplementing her diet with things that help her produce more breast milk. Oatmeal and flax seeds are examples of these sorts of items. However, she also takes over-the-counter medicines such as Lactiful, which she believes aid in the production of greater quantities of milk for her beloved partner.

People assume that in order for Brad to “put his guard down, be submissive and allow himself to be loved one hundred percent,” they must have a kinky sex life. Mulford explained that they aren’t into any strange role-playing. The only “bizarre” thing they do is the breastmilk thing, which some people find quite odd in certain circles.

The breastmilk, according to Mulford, makes Brad feel wonderful and allows him to “other women to feel jealous of what [she has].”

However, Mulford claims that her connection with Brad is identical to what it was when her daughter was born about twenty years ago. Although this child was born from her womb and Brad is her sexual partner, she does not appear to see it as anything worth scoffing at.

We don’t know if they’re a healthy mother-son combination. Their strange love and dedication to breastfeeding is revealed in the video below. There were several others like you who shared their thoughts on an adult breastfeeding relationship in the comments. Here are a few examples:

“This is like my husband’s dream come true,” one woman said. “Too bad I can’t stand the feeling of my boobs being touched.”

“What two consenting adults do behind closed doors – as long as no one is hurt – is no one’s business but theirs. Adult breastfeeding relationships are not common, but neither are they as rare as you think.”