Desiring to express herself through body art, a young woman enlisted the expertise of a tattoo artist. The result was nothing short of spectacular and transformed her appearance in an instant – so much that she broke down into tears after seeing it for the first time. This emotional moment has since been documented on TikTok under user SpaceAtMidnight and quickly went viral as people saw just how dramatically the blackout neck tattoo altered her face shape!

Tattoos have become an ever-present part of American culture. They offer a unique way for people to express their creativity and individuality, with many opting for permanent ink on their skin that carries personal significance. After all, once the tattoo is inked onto your body it will be there forever – so why not make sure it’s something you truly love?

In an instant, her TikTok video achieved viral status as it showcased her brand-new face tattoo. Unfortunately, she had already gone through with the process of covering her upper cheeks, lower chin, and the area below the head half in black ink – a decision that left her feeling regretful soon after.

“I’m having a whole entire identity crisis,” she explained in the video. “Because it slightly alters the shape of my face.”

The woman was emotional in her TikTok video as she explained the process of getting her neck tattooed. She had researched thoroughly before taking the plunge, even testing out different colors and shades on her jawline to see if blacking it out would be what she desired. After falling head over heels in love with how it looked, she ventured off to a tattoo parlor and received the permanent design that left everyone captivated by its beauty.

“It’s on my actual face,” the woman stated. “I feel like my face is smothering into my neck.”

In her post, she requested that people provide her with some uplifting news after the unfortunate tattoo mistake. The responses she received gave her immense comfort as many offered encouraging words and positive vibes.

“Breath in and let go,” one person commented. “This has happened. It will look better when the swelling goes down. This moment will pass, and you will be okay.”

Another supporter said, “Maybe it is swelling. I’d imagine that the skin would swell a bit with a tattoo like that. Maybe give it a day.”

To the surprise of many, this woman decided to take a leap and pay for a tattoo artist to design her face. One user wrote, “I feel you a thousand percent. You are not overreacting.”

In her subsequent video, the woman emphatically declared that she was in no way blaming the tattoo artist for their work. She had pre-approved a stencil of the design before payment and it was then etched onto her skin. It is evidently clear that this incident isn’t due to any mistake on behalf of the tattoo artist’s part.