Despite enduring a traumatic upbringing and an inhospitable environment, Katherine Knight persevered to find an opportunity for growth in the future. Born into a disordered family unit in 1955 in New South Wales, Australia – at one point infamously referred to as “The female Hannibal Lecter” due to her heinous crime- she was sentenced to the most uncompromising prison term ever seen in Australian history.

Unhappily, Katherine’s history of being abused molded her perception and attitude in relationships. But when she met John Price, he seemed different; kind-hearted toward her experiences, caring for her wellbeing, and desiring to see her succeed. Soon enough the two were living together with his three daughters.

Regrettably, the union between Katherine and John began to deteriorate when Katherine proposed marriage. An altercation ensued since John was not prepared for matrimony, eventually leading up to their break-up and a shocking event. If you decide to view MrBallen’s video about Katherine, be forewarned that an explicit ending scene begins at 11:43 which is only appropriate for adults.

Katherine’s heartbreaking tragedy serves as a solemn reminder of the debilitating impacts that abuse can have on someone’s life, reinforcing why it is so essential to properly identify and address mistreatment. Without taking appropriate steps, one may face agonizing consequences later in life.