A 42-year-old woman from Florida, Melody Carr, was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication after a recent pool visit. However, she claims the only reason police got involved in the incident was because the manager of the pool “was jealous that her body looked good” in a two-piece bikini which left little to the imagination.

Taking a break from her fast-paced life, 42-year-old Carr rented a place with a pool so she could relax for the day. She wore a tiny bikini as she laid out and enjoyed the scenery.

The manager quickly took notice of Carr; however, she did not recognize the 42-year-old woman in the bikini because she had not seen her check into the hotel. She walked up to Carr and asked for her room number so the manager could make sure she wasn’t staying at the hotel without permission.

Carr allegedly flew into a rage with the hotel manager when asked for her room number and refused. She then grabbed her belongings and left the premises angrily.

Carr was hopefully loitering near a Quinta Inn & Suites when the police showed up. Outraged at the officers, Carr took it upon herself to walk her dog while expressing scathing words. The woman went as far to say that the Country Inn & Suites manager had called the police because they were jealous of how Carr looked in her revealing bikini by the pool.

Carr said that her boyfriend had rented a room at Country Inn & Suites, but they got into an argument so she left him in the room and went back to the hotel lobby. She needed to stay there because her car wasn’t working.

Eventually, Carr got into a Mustang convertible and drove to a gas station. Police officers met her outside of the gas station where they noted that she smelled strongly of alcohol. At this point, the woman was placed under arrest.

She told police she had been drinking at Country Inn & Suites earlier that morning, but couldn’t explain why her blood alcohol content (BAC) was so high when she was arrested. After she was arrested for driving drunk, she was taken to Marion County Jail where she will need to stand trial.

After Carr was caught and subsequently charged, it is yet to be seen where she will go or what will happen next. However, one thing is certain – she probably won’t be able to return and work at Country Inn & Suites again. The manager who Carr called the cops on is probably still working for the company, and would likely remember her if she ever came back. So, unless she wants to find a new place to stay, it looks like Carr will have to avoid Florida in the future.