Sam Paige is like most other girls her age. At 25 years old Sam enjoys fashion, having fun, and the beach. Raised in Florida, Sam has always enjoyed these things. But here lately Sam decided to make a change, to embrace her body and all of its curves. In doing so, Sam Paige decided to post a series of bikini pictures of her at the beach. In each photo, happiness radiates from Sam Paige’s face as she sports some of her favorite bikinis. However, Sam wasn’t always this secure with her curves. Her current size 24 body was not always well received by her brother, classmates, or even parents. Instead, Sam was sadly ridiculed throughout her childhood for her weight. According to Sam, the bullying began as young as five years old when she started dance class. Even though the young girl just wanted to dance and have fun like the rest of her classmates, she was always viewed as “the big girl” in the class. Sadly the bullying and negativity only grew throughout the years. Sam vividly recounts how her brother referred to her as “fatzilla” most of her life. To Sam, this caused her to continuously be self-conscious about her body and image.

The judgment carried on at school as well. As her elementary school classmates often made fun of her for being bigger than most. At only eleven years old, Sam’s parents put into place dietary restrictions. While hurtful, Sam claims that her parents never shamed her for how her body looked. Instead, her parents tried to pull the family together and make healthy choices for everyone in the home. However, Sam was well aware of her parent’s intentions and their desire for her to lose weight. But to Sam, the truly damaging and haunting bullying came primarily for her brother and classmates. In high school boys, in particular, seemed to be the cruelest towards Sam and her size. Many boys would call her belittling names and continually mock Sam for her weight. Sam was forced to try and hide her insecurities. But difficulty seemed to face her around every corner. Sam had always admired her friend’s cute Hollister and name-brand clothes. Unfortunately, the cute crop tops, jeans, and bikinis simply didn’t come in a size 16. This caused Sam to wear clothes she didn’t find cute on a body she had not yet come to love.

But high school doesn’t last forever, and luckily, Sam’s insecurities didn’t last forever either. As an adult, Sam Paige has learned to embrace her body, its imperfections, and all of its wonderful curves. To Sam, showing off her body is something she loves to do now. Sam has grown to ignore haters and negative comments. Instead, Sam is determined to live a fun, loving, and happy life in a body she is proud to call her own.