Most people out there are aware of the fact that cruelty to animals is now classified as a federal crime but it seems there are some people out there who did not receive the memo and such is the case for Nancy Bucciarelli. The 66-year-old was recently arrested for the murder of her dog. Eyewitnesses report that the New Hampshire woman took her dog to the local Naticook Lake on June 8th when it all went south. Reports indicate she and Bailey the dog, were sitting on the dock when she pushed him into the water and watched him drown. The onlookers attempted to jump into the water and save the golden retriever but, alas, it was too late. Reports find that the water was only 3 feet deep but apparently that was still enough for him to drown in. Eyewitnesses said she did absolutely nothing to try and save her canine companion as he struggled to stay afloat. By the time they got him out of the water, he was pronounced dead at the scene and buried in the local pet cemetery.

In the aftermath of this horrific incident one of the people who tried to save him called the cops. She was then taken into custody and charged with animal cruelty. While there is no specific New Hampshire law that pertains to the killing of a pet dog, it is now the law of the land that animal cruelty is considered a felony thanks to the actions of the previous administration. According to NH law, anyone who willfully harms a dog or horse is considered guilty of what is now known as a class b felony. In a recent statement, police chief Denise Roy mentioned what a tragic turn of events this is and she has said the actions she took are unconscionable. She continued by saying that the witnesses attempted to help the dog and made every attempt to ensure his survival but alas, it did not come to fruition in the end. It is not clear why she suddenly decided to kill her own dog but in any case, it has incited a lot of backlash on social media.

Some of them claimed she deserves to rot in prison for the rest of her life while others think she should get the chair. The chief said in response to this that she does not feel as if any of this hate helps the investigation and thinks it hinders what they are trying to do. Of course, the investigation is ongoing at the moment but in spite of this, the trial will proceed as scheduled. She is currently scheduled to appear in court for the first time on June 27th where she will have to face justice for what she has done and there are many out there hoping she gets the harshest sentence possible. A lot of the animal rights activists think it is important that she gets the maximum sentence so as to set a precedent for anyone who might try to abuse their pets in the future. As all eyes are on this case, so many of the NH residents, especially those who have pets of their own, hope that justice will be served as she faces the music.