It’s an unfortunate truth that not every marriage is perfect. In some relationships, either the wife or husband makes a mistake at some point. And when this occurs, it can result in a painful divorce. This was the case for this couple after the wife sent a picture to her Marine husband.

The husband, being a soldier, was frequently away from home for extended periods of time. They had been together for more than two years and would only get to see each other on weekends. Although it was a difficult situation for them, it was only temporary. Nevertheless, the husband wanted to be certain that his wife coping well in his absence.

The couple was in a trying circumstance, so the husband chose to resign from his post overseas so he could be with her. But before leaving, he asked one of his friends back home to keep an eye on her and take a photo to send to him while deployed. The friend did as instructed but when the husband saw the photo, something looked off.

Underneath his wife’s bed, he noticed another person’s hand sticking out.

It turns out, the wife had been cheating on him. Her husband’s friend came to visit and she panicked, probably telling her lover to hide under the bed. One day, the friend snapped a picture of the lovers while they were leaning down to grab something off the floor. The photograph quickly became popular online after the husband posted it on social media.

The internet has not been very forgiving to the wife, as many have shamed her for being unfaithful to her husband. One person said, “She has a guilty look on her face. If you can’t see the hand, look from the woman’s elbow nearest the edge of the bed and go directly left.”

Another person wrote, “First of all, she was dead wrong. He should divorce her. Second, the dude she was cheating with was stupid. Why did he leave his hand out? He should have tucked his hand under his chin. Lastly, she looked busted and disgusted. So totally obvious that something was going on. She deserves everything she gets.”

Another photo has been making the rounds on the internet, and while it shares some similarities to the story of the Marine and his wife, there is a significant difference. In this case, instead of seeing a hand peeking out from under the bed, you can see part of her lover’s face in the picture.

The husband in the story had been away for almost three weeks, and when he came home, he took a picture of his wife. At first, the photo only looks like an innocent woman sitting on a bed. But if you take a closer look, you’ll find a man peeking out from under the bed, the wife’s lover.

The husband didn’t realize his wife was cheating on him at first, but after looking at the evidence again, he realized she had been. He showed her the evidence, then filed for divorce. The identity of the lover, nicknamed ‘The Man Under The Bed’, was never discovered.