A shoplifter in California got more than she bargained for when she was caught stealing from a Target store. Elysia Johnson, from Lathrop, was arrested after being found with around $200 worth of merchandise that she had taken from the store. But that’s not all – security footage also showed Johnson entering the dressing room with a full shopping cart, including a six-pack of beer. And apparently, Johnson spent the next hour inside the dressing room drinking every single one of those beers!

Johnson decided to go to Target and steal some items instead of going to a bar. She grabbed the items she wanted and then went into a dressing room to chug the Stella Artois beers. After pounding back the brewskies, she tried to flee the Target store with her stolen items. However, she was very drunk and was easily caught by security officers.

This story is a valuable lesson in why you shouldn’t try to save money by drinking at home instead of going out to a bar. Not only will you end up getting drunk, but you could also get arrested for shoplifting. So next time, Elysia Johnson, just go to a bar like a normal person and avoid any future issues. Cheers!

Johnson was arrested for shoplifting and brought to the San Joaquin County Jail. Three other warrants had been previously issued for her arrest.

Johnson is currently being held on $20,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court later this month. If convicted, she faces up to three years in prison. Elysia Johnson – next time you’re feeling thirsty, go get a drink like the rest of us. Cheers!

This woman is clearly rebellious. When she goes into a Target store, she sees it as an adult playground where she can drink all the beer she wants and grab free items to take with her. The woman’s view of the situation differed greatly from Target’s, who wanted the police to escort her down to jail as a lesson that nothing in life is free – especially not at an American corporation where greed runs rampant.

Some reporters noted, however, that had Johnson wanted to cause more damage, she easily could have. Target stores in California not only sell wine by the box, but also hard liquors–meaning when Johnson chose a six-pack of beer as her source of liquid courage, she was actually displaying restraint. She had the opportunity to walk away with Jack Daniels or Seagram’s Gin, but she managed to control herself and was only charged with suspicion of shoplifting. Having this charge on her permanent record is not ideal, but it could have been worse.