While some math problems can be fun to solve, there are many that are tricky and could make you want to give up on solving them. Some problems are circulating on the internet that people have been trying to solve for months as they work to see who can reach the right answer. There is one problem that has stumped several who have tried to solve it, but a mathematician has finally come forward and offered the solution.

The problem only involves three numbers and a few steps. Someone decided to post the problem on social media to see if anyone could get the right answer. When people saw the problem, they noticed that there were a few issues. One of the answers that people have offered is nine while others have suggested one. The correct answer to the problem is nine. When looking at the problem, it’s important to keep in mind the order of operations as this indicates that there is a certain way to add, subtract, multiply, and divide the numbers.

The first step is to solve the problem that’s in parentheses. Next, you would perform multiplication and division going from left to right in the problem. Following these steps, the answer to the problem would be nine instead of one.