Most people find going to the store to get groceries and other essential items to be a job itself. From driving to the store, selecting items throughout the store, loading items into their vehicle, to unloading and placing items in their preferred location at home can be draining. Self-checkouts at stores just added to the list for shoppers everywhere. Many businesses have taken this approach as a way to save money but there is nothing like human contact at a store and feeling appreciated for shopping there.

When the self-checkout came to be at Walmart this made for controversial opinions of many customers. In the scheme to save Walmart money by not hiring more cashiers, Walmart made more self-checkout stations putting the work on the customers. Many customers felt this was a form of free labor by not having to pay more cashiers and putting the work on them.

Recently, Walmart has decided to make a change. They feel this self-checkout plan has had a negative impact on the customers and the business itself. Walmart has decided to hire more cashiers instead of opening more self-checkout stations. They made this decision in hopes to build good standings with customers and hope the shopping experience with an actual person at checkout will increase a more positive impact on both the customers and business.