In these politically and socially tumultuous times, we could all use a little bit of kindness and goodwill in our lives.

One mom in Las Vegas really needed an act of kindness, and thankfully, her community came through for her. Jessica Reboredo is a waitress at a Vegas area Chili’s.

Around the same time she discovered that she was pregnant with her fourth child, she tragically learned that her husband was ill with testicular cancer.

Jessica kept working hard throughout her pregnancy, even while enduring the tragic news that her husband was becoming sicker, not better. She might have felt isolated and lost, but that feeling wouldn’t last for long.

Jessica’s second grade teacher became aware of her former student’s plight. This compassionate educator contacted the local Fox affiliate in Vegas, which is known for its “Surprise Squad,” a team that surprises deserved people with the help that they need.

The Surprise Squad agreed to help, but they didn’t want to just hand over a single check. After all, that’d be pretty boring. Instead, they sent multiple people into the restaurant and had them pretend to be regular customers.

As the bills came, each undercover diner began leaving huge tips, all of them growing exponentially until they got into the thousands. When all of the tips were added up, the money came out to $12,000. Jessica was, of course, moved to tears and the news crew got it all on camera in what is an utterly moving news report.

It goes to show that no matter how dark the world seems sometimes, there is still plenty of goodness and compassion to go around.