Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has been controversial from the start, but now one of her most ardent supporters is facing backlash. A photo of an 11-year-old boy wearing a “Hillary 2016” T-shirt has gone viral on Facebook and sparked controversy online. Many users commented that the shirt was “inappropriate” for his age.

A photo of a teen wearing an anti-Hillary Clinton T-shirt to school went viral. Richard Gautier shared the photo of his son on his Facebook page. He described the interaction between the student and his teacher when he arrived at class with the shirt on, “So today after school, my son tells me that his homeroom teacher stopped him and said she didn’t allow him to wear his shirt.”
Gautier goes on to say the teacher told his son if he wore the shirt again, he would be suspended. According to Gautier’s post, his son continued wearing it for a while but eventually took it off when she allegedly threatened to suspend another student who was also wearing a Clinton shirt in support of her. “[The] class was asked not to wear Hillary shirts,” Gautier wrote. “This is what you get from teachers in education today.”

According to Gautier, reception from friends and family has been largely positive, with many people sharing their own experiences with similar incidents. “It has been incredible the support, comments, and shares,” he wrote on Facebook. “Thank you all for standing up for my son.”
He went on to say that his son was asked by one of the school’s teachers if he had seen or heard about Trump making comments about women with the teacher saying, “I wonder what you are doing to make sure he’s not the president.” Gautier said his son responded by telling the teacher that Trump is a candidate like any other and deserves respect until proven guilty of something. The post was liked over 4000 times and shared by 13000 people in just two days.