In a selfless act of bravery, Gideon Moncrieffe’s commitment to helping others came at a high cost. Whenever he gazes into a mirror, a stark reminder of the price he paid as a Good Samaritan stares back at him.

The harrowing incident unfolded on a Brooklyn subway train last month, where Gideon, the global head of event production at TikTok, found himself in the midst of a violent altercation. Observing Sean Lewis, 33, engaged in a dispute with an intoxicated older man, Gideon sprang into action to diffuse the situation. The tragic death of Jordan Neely, due to a chokehold just ten days earlier, fueled his determination to prevent further harm.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of another tragedy unfolding,” Gideon shared with The Post. “The memory of Jordan Neely’s fate weighed heavily on my mind. I simply didn’t want things to escalate.”

Taking a stand against aggression, Gideon approached Lewis, expressing concern for his well-being and hoping to deescalate tensions. However, Lewis responded with aggression, forcefully shoving Gideon aside. Undeterred, Gideon spoke to Lewis, emphasizing their shared identity as young Black men: “Although we don’t know each other, I care deeply for your safety. You resemble me, and I want to ensure you reach home unharmed.”

What followed was an bone-chilling reply from Lewis: “You may be unfamiliar with me now, but I guarantee you won’t forget me.” These haunting words reverberated in Gideon’s mind as he moved to the opposite end of the subway car, his back turned towards the door, seeking refuge.

Unexpectedly, as the train doors opened at the Fulton Street station, Gideon felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around, only to come face to face with Lewis, who uttered a hollow “Thank you” before viciously slashing Gideon’s face. The impact of the attack left an eight-inch long gash from the top of his head to the bottom of his left cheek. Drenched in blood, Gideon was unable to see the weapon used against him.

Driven by adrenaline and the fear of further harm, Gideon cried out to the passengers, urging them to stay on the train and avoid the assailant on the platform. In the midst of pain and chaos, he made his way to the front of the train with the help of compassionate commuters. Finally, police arrived, escorting him to Kings County Hospital for urgent medical attention.

After eight days, Lewis was apprehended thanks to surveillance footage from the station. It was revealed that Lewis had been released from jail without bail just days after being arrested and charged with strangulation, assault, harassment, and other offenses stemming from an April incident where he allegedly choked his girlfriend and threatened her with a knife. Prior encounters with the law painted a grim picture of Lewis’s violent history, including an assault on an employee at a homeless shelter and a conviction for disorderly conduct.

Gideon, having endured approximately 100 stitches to his face, testified before a grand jury on May 26. Confronted with images of his injuries for the first time, he broke down, overwhelmed by the severity of the cut and the magnitude of his ordeal. The jury subsequently indicted Lewis on multiple counts of felony assault, including assault with a weapon and assault with intent to disfigure.

Despite the gravity of the charges, the bail set by Judge Patrick Hayes Lewis amounted to a mere $7,500, which Gideon finds grossly insufficient. Concerned for public safety, he voiced his dismay, stating, “If someone can secure Lewis’s release for just $7,500, it undermines the severity of his crimes. His pattern of violence has only escalated.”

The deep laceration to Gideon’s face, which severed facial muscles, now renders simple actions like smiling, laughing, and crying agonizingly painful. The psychological impact is profound, and Gideon no longer envisions himself comfortably traveling on the New York City subway. The fear and anxiety associated with the incident have eroded his sense of safety.

To aid with the overwhelming medical costs, a GoFundMe campaign was initiated to support Gideon’s recovery. The initial goal of $100,000 has already seen an outpouring of support, with over $70,000 raised thus far.

As Gideon continues his arduous journey towards physical and emotional healing, his story stands as a sobering reminder that acts of kindness should not come at such a heavy price. Everyone deserves to travel without fear of being attacked unjustly.