Some images online test how well you can see what is hidden in a picture. One of the tests that is online is a series of screens with letters hidden among other letters that are of the similar size and shape. As you begin the test, you will see a black screen.

There are white letters on the screen, and you will see that there are a certain number of letters hidden among those that look almost identical to what you’re supposed to find. An example is the letter “B” among a group of “R’s”.

There are only two “B’s” in the series of letters.Only about 10% of the people who look at the picture can see the letters that are hidden.

The key to the picture is to avoid looking for the letters that stand out. Scan the images, and you will often be able to see what you’re looking for a little easier than if you were to begin by looking at the entire image as a whole.

Some of the letters are hard to find as the letters are tightly joined together, making it difficult to determine where one line ends and another begins with the letters you are to find.