Julee Cruise, age 65, has died. Julee will be remembered for her song Falling, which was the theme song for the cult television program Twin Peaks. Four years ago, Cruise revealed that she had Lupus, an autoimmune disease. Her husband Edward Grinnan posted a remembrance on Facebook in which he stated: “She left this realm on her own terms.” Her spouse’s tribute continued: ”

“No regrets. She is at peace… I played her [B-52’s song] ‘Roam’ during her transition. Now she will roam forever. Rest in peace, my love.”

Cruise began his career as a film composer in Iowa, where he collaborated with Twin Peaks creator David Lynch on his movie Blue Velvet. The film featured the song Mysteries of Love, which Cruise and Badalamenti wrote together.

Julee also had acting aspirations. She starred alongside Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern as the Heartbroken Woman’s Dreamself in Industrial Symphony No. 1. In 2016, she appeared in Twin Peaks as a singer, as well as the film adaptation of the series and the revival program “Twin Peaks: The Return” in 2017.

Cruise revealed about her and David Lynch’s collaboration:

“It’s like I’m his little sister. You don’t like your older brother telling you what to do. David’s foppish. He can have these tantrums sometimes. And have you ever seen his temper? Anybody can look funny when they get mad. But I love him.”

In the 1990s, she performed with the B-52’s as a member.

In 2018, she revealed to her followers that she had lupus, stating that she could barely walk:

“And now it’s difficult to stand. My spine is crumbling and pinching on nerves. I don’t take opiates, but the pain is so bad I cry and snap at people. I’ve had a glorious time… but I must leave here. Someone wise told me I must go, and so being a recluse, it’s law and boredom for me. Thanks so much but everything. That’s my final curtsy…”

Julee, rest in peace. You will be sorely missed!