A man who was visiting his friend in Thailand decided to build his dream home on a small plot of land with just a few thousand bucks.

Just six weeks later the man completed his dream home for the cost of a small used car in the U.S. and $3,000 in furnishings.

With the help of his Tai son-in-law, Steve Areen built a stunning little home on a plot of land given to him by his friend, Hajjar Gibran, in northeast Thailand.

Fortunately for Steve, the cost of materials in Thailand are quite cheap, and he spent very little on labor costs since his son-in-law, Tao, was an amazing carpenter and masonry man.

At first, Steve estimated that it would cost him $9,000 to build and furnish the home, and his estimates were nearly spot on. Once Steve raised the money, he was off to the races.

Steveís friend offered him some valuable guidance when it came to hunting down the materials in Thailand.

Once they found the materials and planned out the design, Steve could not stop working on the home. Steve now considers this little home on his friendís plot of land on a mango farm his dream home.