Aluminum foil is a common household product that is often used to wrap up leftovers, but it actually has many more surprising uses that can save you time and money. One interesting way to use aluminum foil is as a dryer sheet. If you reach into your box of dryer sheets, and it’s empty, simply crumple some aluminum foil into a ball and stick it in the dryer with your clothing. The foil can also be used as a funnel to transfer liquids. It can be difficult to transfer soap or other liquids into a bottle with a narrow lid. But thankfully, if you don’t have a funnel handy, you can easily make one out of aluminum foil.

Another way you can utilize aluminum foil is to sharpen scissors. Just fold up a sheet of foil a bunch of times and use your scissors to cut through it. If you do this several times, your scissors should be as good as new. Another use for aluminum foil is to dispose of bacon grease. It’s common knowledge that you aren’t supposed to dump bacon grease, or any type of grease for that matter, down the drain. To avoid plumbing issues, line a bowl with aluminum foil, and dump the grease into the bowl. Then, wait for it to solidify and take out the foil and dump it in the trash.

Aluminum foil can also be used for cleaning. If you have tough stains on a baking dish, you can roll some foil into a ball and use it with some soap to scrub off those baked on messes. Perhaps most surprisingly, aluminum foil can be used to transform your batteries. You can turn a AAA battery into a AA battery by just crumpling up a bit of foil and placing it on one end of the battery. It should work just as good as an authentic AA battery.