After the incident on 6th January 2021, at the Capitol, Donald Trump had some of his social media sites permanently banned. He, therefore, lost the following accounts; YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Donald Trump was being accused of instigating the assault. His son Donald Trump Jr. reached out to the richest man in the world, Elon Must on Instagram to try and rectify this situation. Trump Jr. believes that Elon Musk can establish an independent social media site that suits everyone to relay their views and voices freely. This was the only way to liberate free speech.

Trump claimed that Elon can create the platform because he has managed to take people to space, and so a social media site would not be challenging. Elon Musk is brilliant, and Trump Jr. believes that he can creatively develop something that would send Twitter into hiding. This should not be a conservative chamber, but a site free for everyone to argue his or her ideas, unlike other platforms where the only information flowing in there is the one people want to hear. In short, Trump Jr. believes that the other platforms are interfering with democracy through distorted speech. Trump Jr. challenged Elon Musk to explore the options and generate a unique concept because he seems to be the only person in America who can liberate the freedom of speech. Donald Trump’s platforms were banned because they reviewed the information cutting across them, and there were signs of violence incitement. This could result in more chaos in the United States. The Capitol events were quite horrific and Twitter felt that their rules were being violated, and so there was no option other than ban the @realDonaldTrump. Twitter’s public interest program enables the people to interact with the elected individuals and other global leaders directly. The principle behind this framework is that people should hold the power to reckon. However, it was realized that these accounts were being used to instigate violence, and so they were not uncontrollable beyond what the rules could manage. Twitter insists that they are committed to render transparency because they have policies and are determined to enforce them accordingly.

Trump upheld that the SpaceX CEO is the right individual to come up with a platform. Also, he said that his father’s social media ban is uplifted because the people do not want a situation where the technology cannot be used to interfere with the freedom of speech. Elon Musk also has his share of a distorted social media record, and it is wise to remember that always. Elon Musk has misused social media on several notable occasions like the cases in Thailand regarding a British diver, and when he influenced Tesla share fluctuation after tweeting that the prices were high. Trump Jr.’s demands do not seem to be solid because he assumes that Elon Musk, being a computer genius, can readily build a social media network. However, things do not work that way. Elon Musk is yet to reply to this, and people are urgently waiting to hear from him. It is unclear whether he will accept and go on to develop a social network or dismiss the idea. However, whatever decision Elon Musk will face many reactions not only in the United States but also across the world.