The Instagram model Chantelzales recently took a trip to Aruba. She is based in LA and currently has 4.1 million followers. She’s following over seven hundred people herself. She’s known as being highly beautiful and desirable to those on her page.

Most recently, she’s posted many photos from her trip to Aruba.

In them, she’s often wearing a low cut shirt. For example, in one of them, she’s standing on a balcony wearing a pink shirt with sparkles on it that are barely hanging on. She has long blonde hair, and behind her is a beautiful scene of Aruba with palm trees and the ocean. It’s just past sunset, and the sky is lit up with clouds with a pink tint to the sky.

Another reason why people appreciate Chantel is seen in this picture. She writes “Stop scrolling for a moment. Your next 4 months are going to be better than your last 8 months. Your blessing is coming!” In other words, she often has highly positive messages.

In the picture right before that, she has one of her self kneeling on the sand and playing with the ends of her hair as she wears a blue bikini top and bottom. It’s during the day in Aruba, you can see a bright green plant with flowers off to her left and scattered plants throughout the beach with bits of green. Further off behind her, you can see the ocean where someone is jetskiing. In this post she writes “7.7 billion people in the world. Don’t let the option of one-stop your growth.” People love her positivity and beauty so much that they constantly send her marriage proposals on her Instagram page. She is also constantly plugging her boutique with links to them on many of her posts.

Another photo from her trip shows her wearing a string bikini in black, with a shot from behind. Her hair glows gold in the sunlight, and she’s standing on a dock in front of a hammock that overlooks an inlet on an Aruban beach.


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Do you want some? ?Lookin like a housewife @revolve wearing @houseofharlow1960 #revolvearoundtheworld

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She’s holding a straw hat that says “Do Not Disturb,” on it. Further off in the distance, you can see daylight poking through clouds here and there, creating spots on the ocean. You can also see the rock wall that creates the inlet, and the open ocean further on beyond that. Her post here reads, “Whole Vibe on Do Not Disturb.”

There are many photos of this nature including another recent one that shows her wearing a pink bikini with a split top where she’s kneeling in the surf in Aruba. Water is dripping off her legs from where the waves washed over her. For this one, she writes that she took a little break but is back now. She says that taking a day off of social media and that this can often be a good thing for your mental health.