Holly Sue Coffey AKA Holley Daze Coffey is an Australian born professional surfer with multiple surfboard and bikini swimsuit sponsors such as Billabong, Brandon Boards, Braking Wax and Von Zipper. Her inspiring and fun to watch profile really shows us how she has fun living an outdoor surfing beach lifestyle.

She loves publicizing that she loves the sun and playing on the beaches all over the world and at her home in the natural nature made solar light that lights up her life. As almost all surfers Holly is a well known skateboard enthusiast but is best known for having over one million followers on instagram and her competitive surfing career which has brought her to some of the most beautiful exotic beaches all over the world including traveling to Elsalvador beaches in 2015 for a surfing competition where she picked up new sponsors.

Having the fortunate great luck of being born to a beach loving, sun loving surfing family she never had to worry about getting support from her parents or siblings for her professional surfing career. She was literally born in the water on a board in the ocean. Her never ending passion for skateboarding and surfing not only awarded her with enviable surfing competition awards; She was selected as one of four Australian surfers to be in the third Australian documentary films. The documentary would give Holly the very rare chance to win a Wildcard spot to compete in the Hurley Australian open surf competition that will give the winner of the Wildcard competition lots of publicity and get their professional career started as a professional Surfer. Holly is on the Snapper Rock’s Surfrider’s club team and she represented the surfriders club at the Australian open Surf competition; And win the wildcard she did.

Out of the four girls she was the winner of the surfing competition skyrocketing her career to stardom. She trained with the best surfing coaches at the Australian’s performing arts for surfers. She was coached and mentored by world champion surfers.

Holly lives on the Gold Coast in Australia says it is her favorite beach. She says what she likes most about the location she lives in is the hot summer weather where she can spend all day getting dark tans and the water is the best to go surfing in. Holly describes Snapper beach in Australia as one of the best places to surf, skate, bicycle and sun tan.

Her summer sunlight bleached blonde locks and dark suntan shows her first home is actually outside in the sun and only going in her house once in a while. Even with the fun videos and the Instagram social media that gives the illusion of her doing nothing but playing all day she does remind us “to be a champion isn’t at all easy all of the time, it takes a little bit of time and effort.”

When transforming into a professional surfing champion, she to dive into the water with sharks because she had a big fear of sharks. However, shark attacks are rare and you will only see it on television when it does happen. The majority of sharks are completely harmless to humans. She now says she does not fear the sharks, she now loves the sharks.