A couple’s wedding is a momentous occasion that takes a lot of planning. It is often an event surrounded by excitement, anticipation, and perhaps even nerves.

A bride can easily become a ‘bridezilla’ when she becomes stressed trying to plan the perfect wedding. Many things can go wrong on her special day, something she may have dreamt about since she was younger. While it’s impossible to predict every possible misfortune that could occur on your big day, here are a few of the more common concerns couples have leading up to their wedding.

Most couples are unaware that, in addition to the potential for drama, their wedding day could also be marked by tragedy. Unfortunately, on the day former “X-Factor” star Tom Mann was supposed to marry his fiancée Dani Hampson, a tragedy occurred.

Although Mann and Hampson were supposed to get married in 2020, they decided to postpone their nuptials because of the pandemic. In the meantime, however, they welcomed their first child: a son named Bowie.

Hampson was set to marry on June 18, 2022, but tragically never made it to her wedding. She passed away in a car accident on the day of her nuptials at age 34.

Two days after what was supposed to be their wedding day, Mann sadly announced the news on Instagram. He posted a photo of his wife and child with an intimate and moving caption. He said, “I can’t believe I am writing these words but my darling Dani – my best friend, my everything and more, the love of my life – passed away in the early hours of Saturday morning, 18th June.” He continued, “On what was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives ended in irreversible heartbreak. I feel like I have cried an ocean. We never made it to the alter; or got to say our vows, or dance our first dance, but I know you know that you were my entire world and the best thing that has ever happened to me, Danielle.”

Although they never got married, Mann said he still plans to wear his wedding ring. He said, “I will wear this ring that I was always supposed to wear as a sign of my unconditional love to you.”

Mann knew that he needed to be strong for their son, even though it was difficult considering the amount of pain he felt. He added, “I do know I need to use any strength I can muster for our little boy. I will not be a mark on the parent that you had already become but I promise I will do my everything to raise Bowie just the way we always wanted. I promise you he will know how amazing his mummy was.”

Three weeks after the loss of his dog, Mann took to Instagram to express his grief once more. He said, “Nearly 3 weeks on from what will always remain the worst day of my life. Still in shock & still no words – my beautiful Dani is an indescribable loss.” Then, he thanked his fans for their support. He wrote, “Nothing can be said or done, but I need to acknowledge the immense amount of love, kindness & support that [our son] Bowie, Dan’s family, my family & I have received. It has overwhelmed us.”