While Christmas for most children is synonymous with presents, Santa Claus, and beloved traditions like “Elf on a Shelf,” two-year-old Emilia Wadgymar from Woodlands, Texas, found herself drawn to the true essence of the season—the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus.

In an enchanting video shared by her mother, Tamara Wadgymar, on Instagram, little Emilia’s pure heart takes center stage. As she rushes towards a Nativity scene, her excitement is not for Santa Claus but for the sacred figures of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus.

With uncontainable joy, Emilia exclaims, “Mary! Mary! Hello, Virgin Mary. Hello, baby. Hello, Virgin Mary,” before planting a tender kiss on the cardboard cutout of Baby Jesus, declaring, “I’m going to give her a hug,” referring to the Virgin Mary.

This heartwarming video, posted on December 12, has captured the hearts of millions, amassing countless views and hundreds of thousands of likes. Comments have poured in, describing it as “a heart-melting moment” and celebrating “the pure heart of a child.”

One compassionate commenter, reflecting on the family’s ongoing struggle as Emilia’s four-year-old brother battles cell histiocytosis, acknowledged the profound impact Emilia has had on their lives. They wrote, “I see Emilia and understand that thanks to God are so, and that she, in her smile and her outlook on life, teaches us valuable lessons amidst chaos and pain.”

In a heartfelt interview with Fox News Digital, Tamara shared the backdrop that led to Emilia’s enthusiastic response to Baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary at the Nativity scene. She explained, “We went to a place where a Christmas village train was set up,” describing the variety of displays at the event, including a Santa train and the Nativity scene. Tamara recounted how, to her surprise, Emilia chose to run towards Mary and Jesus, exclaiming, “Mary! Mary!” Tamara captured the precious moment on her phone.

Embrace the warmth of this touching scene by watching the video [insert video link here].

This heartwarming moment serves as a reminder of the enduring significance of Christmas, where the pure innocence of a child’s heart directs our focus to the true meaning of the season. Emilia’s simple yet profound act of love towards the Nativity scene rekindles the spirit of faith and family during the holiday season.

In a world filled with distractions, Emilia’s unwavering devotion to the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus reminds us all that amidst the hustle and bustle of Christmas, it is the sacred message of hope and love that truly shines brightest.